About Us

Design That Speaks for Itself

Here at FORM Design, we believe that our creations do not require any big words or fancy sales talk. Rather, we let our works speak for themselves. Our dedicated team of professionals at FORM Design is sure to go the extra mile and put in maximum effort, in return for maximum satisfaction. We take the time to understand, analyse, and fulfil our clients’ needs and personalities. All these enable us to FORM unique design perspectives and creations that adhere to qualities synonymous with FORM Design – clean, timeless, and elegant.

What we do


Design Consultancy

Unsure of what you want? Uncertain of what you need? Cast all your doubts and fears away with just a simple consultation with our interior designers on what could really suit your ideal home. We provide clarity and knowledge on materials, space planning, interior styles and many more to help you make better, informed decisions.


Concept Development

Using the FORM Design methodology, we express creativity and innovation in our turnkey solutions to cater specifically to each client’s needs. We carefully craft our 3D concepts according to the end users living habits, matchmaking them with the right use of colours, materials, lighting and furnishings.

Home Styling

Jazz up your home with our home styling services! Be it a room, home, or office makeover, we will take care of the necessary measurements and arrangements to propose different styling concepts to suit your budge – complete with floor plans, 3D rendered drawings, and visual ideas to achieve your desired look.


We believe that execution is the key to success. We champion execution to perfection in the way we do project management with orderliness, yet paying attention to the nitty-gritty. You can expect quality workmanship, thoughtful servicing, and timely handovers from us – no less!